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Rasps Handles

Wooden/Plastic Rasp Handle, DIAMOND Wooden/Plastic Rasp Handle, DIAMOND
3-4 Weeks
Brand: Diamond Model: 725-0002-037
Farriers love these handles! An easy to apply rasp handle combining the best of both worlds (wood and plastic), with an elegant design, twist-on PU screw thread and the comfort and grip of a hardwood handle. Made of a combination of PU and HardwoodBest of both worlds: strong woode..
Ex Tax:8.06€
Brand: Diamond Model: 725-0002-036
Ergonomic, lightweight design for comfortable grip and reduced fatigueTwist-on handle with double-nut design, ensures secure fit Fits all common rasp brands..
Ex Tax:6.61€
Brand: Diamond Model: 725-0002-041
Screw on rasp handleFits most tanged rasps and filesUnique double screw system! Providing extra grip and stability on the rasp or fileMade from durable hardwood, unaffected by weather conditionsComfortable feel, all rounded edges with slip protection..
Ex Tax:6.45€
Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 725-0002-027
Plastic rasp handle, for comfortable grip, in natural wood color...
5.70€ 6.20€
Ex Tax:4.60€
Brand: Pferd Model: FH-PF
Clipped rasp handle under PFERD’s quality. Made of an excellent quality, non-slip plastic, is available in two versions, with or without protective...
Ex Tax:3.63€
Aluminium Rasp Handle
-26 %
Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 725-0002-009
This extremely durable aluminum screw-on rasp handle has a 1-1/2” diameter, and will fit all 14” rasps...
17.50€ 23.50€
Ex Tax:14.11€
Brand: Blacksmith Model: A01068
Rasp handle, suited to the front side of the rasp. Easy installation using Allen key. Smaller than usual in diameter, something that will satisfy those who want a thinner grip...
Ex Tax:11.94€
Brand: Blacksmith Model: A01072
This protective rasp handle, has everything! Made of aluminum, is strong and lightweight at the same time. It can be mounted on the front of the rasp, very easilly using four Allen screws. Its trunk will satisfy most users, while the extra protective layer on the edge of the handle, will protec..
Ex Tax:11.94€
Brand: Blacksmith Model: A01070
Rasp handle with an ideal shape. Made of aluminum, it is very durable and easily mounted using an Allen key...
Ex Tax:11.94€
Wooden Rasp Handle, BELLOTA
-24 %
Brand: Bellota Model: 725-0002-008
Bellota rasp handles are threaded to twist easily onto your rasp.  Bellota only chooses solid wood for their rasp handles...
5.20€ 6.80€
Ex Tax:4.19€
Brand: Bassoli Model: 73E-BLACK
Lightweight design for comfortable grip and reduced fatigueEnsures secure fit Fits all common rasp brands..
Ex Tax:5.24€
Brand: Blacksmith Model: A01074
This aluminum handle is attached on the front side of the rasp and combined with the rear handle will offer you maximum protection and comfort at work. It is very durable and easy to apply...
Ex Tax:11.94€
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