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Brand: Diamond Model: PACK-1
Get the set of tools you need for hoof trimming at a special price! The set consists of: Hoof rasp, MERCURY - Hoof knife, DIAMOND LOOP - Hoof nipper, DIAMOND FN15 -
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Brand: Diamond Model: 740-0002-101
The new standard pad for all riding horses! The only Anti-bacterial pad in the marketThe soft white PU is the shock absorber, while the green frame distributes the forcesDual density anti-bacterial PU with high shock absorbing properties Dimensions:  160 x 160 x 4 mm..
Ex Tax:10.24€
Brand: Diamond Model: 740-0002-105
The new standard pad for trotting and pacing horses! • The strongest and most flexible felt pad on the market• Thick felt layer for maximum absorption and durability Dimensions:  160 x 150 x 5 mm..
Ex Tax:7.98€
Brand: Diamond Model: 747-0001-185
Diamond Hoof Conditioner’s dual-action formula provides a barrier against infection and helps maintain a healthy moisture balance in the hoof. Most effective in extremely wet or dry conditionsFrequent use builds up protectionGives hooves a healthy, shiny look and covers imperfectionsComp..
Ex Tax:16.94€
Brand: Diamond Model: 748-0002-061
Hoof putty, ideal for filling old nail holes. Easy to apply and shape for a clean result. Protects the old nail hole against penetration of moisture and debris. Made out of natural linseed oil. Available in a 1 kg plastic jar Color: Natural..
Ex Tax:7.90€
Brand: Diamond Model: 725-0002-037
Farriers love these handles! An easy to apply rasp handle combining the best of both worlds (wood and plastic), with an elegant design, twist-on PU screw thread and the comfort and grip of a hardwood handle. Made of a combination of PU and HardwoodBest of both worlds: strong woode..
Ex Tax:7.74€
Brand: Diamond Model: 725-0002-036
Ergonomic, lightweight design for comfortable grip and reduced fatigueTwist-on handle with double-nut design, ensures secure fit Fits all common rasp brands..
Ex Tax:6.37€
Brand: Diamond Model: 725-0002-041
Screw on rasp handleFits most tanged rasps and filesUnique double screw system! Providing extra grip and stability on the rasp or fileMade from durable hardwood, unaffected by weather conditionsComfortable feel, all rounded edges with slip protection..
Ex Tax:6.13€
Brand: Diamond Model: 748-0001-001
Better for the hoof, better for the horse! Horse silicone is a super shock absorber in combination with a pad. Fiil the foot totally with horse silicone and cover the frog with P.V.C. tape. 1 component siliconeFungi preventing propertiesVinegar based, shorter setting timeNontoxicAvailable..
Ex Tax:5.24€
Brand: Diamond Model: 727-0003-078
Diamond Loop Hoof Knife removes excess sole and trims the frog. It’s stainless steel blade maintains sharp edge for clean, fast cuts. It has a hardwood handle with comfortable grip. Razor sharp stainless steel bladeComfortable, ergonomically designed handle, from sustainable hardwood..
Ex Tax:25.00€
Brand: Diamond Model: 746-0003-101
This insert allows you to convert a usual horseshoe to an Egg type barshoe, simply by welding it on the heels of the horseshoe, taking advantage of every benefit that such a barshoe provides. Sold in pairs, thickness 6 mm and sizes 1, 2, 3 and 4.(Size 1 – for shoes No 4×0 & 3×0)(Size 2 – f..
Ex Tax:3.39€
Brand: Diamond Model: 740-0002-104
The new standard in Race pads!Diamond Carrera pads are made from anti-bacterial material which makes Diamond pads unique! high flexibilitylow weightwith marked injection points for easy application of padding materialDimensions: 165 x 155 x 2 mm...
Ex Tax:5.89€
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