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Brand: Blacksmith Model: A01197
Manual threading machine with double lever composed by iron and aluminum. Tapper can be easily removed and changed. This tool can be fixed to the workbench or to the anvil thanks to the internal adaptor...
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Brand: Blacksmith Model: A01068
Rasp handle, suited to the front side of the rasp. Easy installation using Allen key. Smaller than usual in diameter, something that will satisfy those who want a thinner grip...
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Brand: Blacksmith Model: 32101A
The popular Heller Red Tang rasp is a fine toothed rasp that removes material easily. This rasp is especially well suited for rasping hard, dry hooves and it is particularly good for sport horses that are shod.  The file side of the Heller rasp is sharp, enabling efficient removal of materi..
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Brand: Blacksmith Model: A01072
This protective rasp handle, has everything! Made of aluminum, is strong and lightweight at the same time. It can be mounted on the front of the rasp, very easilly using four Allen screws. Its trunk will satisfy most users, while the extra protective layer on the edge of the handle, will protec..
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Brand: Blacksmith Model: A01070
Rasp handle with an ideal shape. Made of aluminum, it is very durable and easily mounted using an Allen key...
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Brand: Blacksmith Model: A01151
Replacement spray nozzle for Blacksmith forges...
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Brand: Blacksmith Model: A01112
Forge model H is a traditional, double use forge: good to be placed either in your car or your workshop.Thanks to its double burners, which can be regulated separately, it allows to reach the desired temperature very fast and easily maintain it with the minimu..
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Brand: Blacksmith Model: A01074
This aluminum handle is attached on the front side of the rasp and combined with the rear handle will offer you maximum protection and comfort at work. It is very durable and easy to apply...
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Brand: Blacksmith Model: A01348
TDL system is an adjustable t-square which allows to evaluate the shin/ground inclination by positioning the long stem of the tool behind the shin and the short stem on the ground.Raise the limb and then drop it in a natural position, reposition the TDL as previously and evaluate the break-even leve..
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Brand: Blacksmith Model: A01276
Replacement spark plug and wire for Blacksmith forges...
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Brand: Blacksmith Model: A01401
An excellent value for money farrier apron, made of suede fabric with lumbar band (included),double magnets, double pocket for knives. Length: 60 cm..
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Forge, BLACKSMITH Model “P/E” - 1 Burner Forge, BLACKSMITH Model “P/E” - 1 Burner
-16 % 3-4 Weeks
Brand: Blacksmith Model: A01107
The P/E forge is the most popular and appreciated Blacksmith forge all over Europe thanks to its external compact dimensions, that are combined with an internal chamber able to hold horseshoes up to the bigger European sizes. Equipped with one burner, it is able to satisfy all the needs of e..
870.00€ 1,040.00€
Ex Tax:701.61€
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