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Brand: Double-S Model: 727-0003-016
Double-S LOOP knife has a long, ergonomic handle and is designed to help clean out difficult to reach areas in the hoof...
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Brand: Double-S Model: 727-0003-043
DOUBLE-S presents a brand new vet loop knife. Its ergonomic handle and its narrow, straight blade, makes it a very usefull tool for opening abscesses or cleaning white line and all of the difficult spots lying to the back of the frog. Available in three sizes, small (S), medium (M) and large (L..
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Brand: Double-S Model: 728-0003-021
Replacement handle for hammer DOUBLE-S driving hammer. Including spring and bolt assembly...
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Hoof Knife, DOUBLE-S Hoof Knife, DOUBLE-S
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Brand: Double-S Model: 727-0003-018
DOUBLE-S hoof knives, consist of a curved blade,they are made ​​of steel and have an excellent anatomic handle. Available in right and left...
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Brand: Double-S Model: 730-0001-002
Italy’s Best Farrier Tools- Double”S” with super comfortable grip. Easy to work on horse hooves with this tool as it is a well-finished product with comfortable wooden handle...
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Brand: Double-S Model: 728-0001-023
Based on years of field experience, together with careful and constant research, the “Double S” organization is proud to present a brand new driving hammer. Farriers will appreciate the special joint-device, which absorbs – almost completely – the vibrations resulting from each individual st..
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Brand: Double-S Model: 727-0003-053
Double-S hoof knives are made in Italy by brothers Marco and Leonardo Schelfi. Their knives are made from high grade steel and represent excellent value. The Rhino Hoof Knife has a drop blade and a hoof pick on the end of the blade and is available in Right-Hand or Left-Hand Versions..
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Brand: Double-S Model: 730-0002-006
DOUBLE S Clinch Cutter is a well-finished product and comes with a comfortable wooden handle grip, making work easy on horse hooves. It is so sharp that makes it extremely easy to use. The Clinch Cutter comes in a left-hand and a right-hand version...
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Brand: Double-S Model: 730-0001-016
DOUBLE-S, COMBO CUT is a high quality tool, which combines two operations. It is a sharpened nail cutter on the one side, to remove the horseshoe more easily and a clinch groover on the other side, to form the necessary cavity for securing the nails. Available in left and right hand version..
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Brand: Double-S Model: 727-0003-083
The knife consists of a drop curved blade for cleaning out hard to reach areas and an ergonomic handle for grip. This knife boasts a new comfortable handle in colourful red and brown, with a sharp and flexible blade. Available in Right or Left handed..
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Brand: Double-S Model: 725-0002-028
Aluminium rasp end cover which is screwed on to the end of the rasp protects your hands as well as the rasps teeth when lying on the ground...
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Brand: Double-S Model: 727-0001-009
DOUBLE-S’ tool quality is obvious from the first glance. KURKI is a toeing knife with an excellent quality blade and rosewood handle, as Double-S uses in most tools...
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