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Hoof Knifes

Brand: Icar Model: 9910532129
This specially designed loop, hoof knife, is manufactured from solid tool steel, rather than a curved blade, something that significantly increases its durability. It can be used both as right or left knife, that can easily reach and clean all difficult areas around frog. The knife measur..
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Brand: Double-S Model: KNLP30
Crafted for ultimate comfort, the 30A loop knife, ensures strain-free, precise cuts, minimizing hand fatigue.Blade made of high-grade metals, promises seamless, effortless cuts and long-lasting sharpness.Elegant, ergonomic and lightweight wooden handle, designed to offer great grip.Loop model tha..
Ex Tax:51.21€
Brand: Double-S Model: 727-0003-016
Double-S LOOP knife has a long, ergonomic handle and is designed to help clean out difficult to reach areas in the hoof...
Ex Tax:36.86€
Brand: Double-S Model: KNDE
Double edged, short blade, hoof knife with ergonomic wooden handle suitble for both right-handed and left-handed users. Manufactured in Italy from the highest grade steel...
Ex Tax:34.68€
Brand: Diamond Model: 727-0003-078
Diamond Loop Hoof Knife removes excess sole and trims the frog. It’s stainless steel blade maintains sharp edge for clean, fast cuts. It has a hardwood handle with comfortable grip. Razor sharp stainless steel bladeComfortable, ergonomically designed handle, from sustainable hardwood..
Ex Tax:25.40€
Brand: Double-S Model: 727-0003-043
DOUBLE-S presents a brand new vet loop knife. Its ergonomic handle and its narrow, straight blade, makes it a very usefull tool for opening abscesses or cleaning white line and all of the difficult spots lying to the back of the frog. Available in three sizes, small (S), medium (M) and large (L..
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Brand: Icar Model: 9910242122
A beautifully designed hoof knife, with a 15 cm ergonomic cherry wood handle. An ergonomic handle means the knife fits your hand like a glove making the job of trimming the hoof even easier. Its super sharp 7 cm drop blade, gives the impression that nothing could dull it...
Ex Tax:54.84€
Brand: Double-S Model: 727-0003-018
DOUBLE-S hoof knives, consist of a curved blade,they are made ​​of steel and have an excellent anatomic handle. Available in right and left...
Ex Tax:29.84€
Brand: Double-S Model: 727-0003-053
Double-S hoof knives are made in Italy by brothers Marco and Leonardo Schelfi. Their knives are made from high grade steel and represent excellent value. The Rhino Hoof Knife has a drop blade and a hoof pick on the end of the blade and is available in Right-Hand or Left-Hand Versions..
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Brand: Double-S Model: 727-0003-036
The Double-S Rhino Deluxe hoof knife is similar to the Double-S Classic as both lines have a drop-blade manufactured from the highest grade steel. Rhino Deluxe has a long, ergonomic handle that fits nicely into any hand size and additionally features a hoof pick at the end of the blade. Such a knife..
Ex Tax:51.69€
Brand: Double-S Model: 727-0003-083
The knife consists of a drop curved blade for cleaning out hard to reach areas and an ergonomic handle for grip. This knife boasts a new comfortable handle in colourful red and brown, with a sharp and flexible blade. Available in Right or Left handed..
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Brand: F.P.Dick Model: 727-0003-022
DICK-ASCOT Hoof Knife, made of high-quality special carbon steel. Short straight blade, polished, with sharp cutting edge geometry for prolonged oerformance. The ergonomic rosewood handle in combination with the shape of the blade ensures the best dynamic effect. Most carefully finished. Ava..
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