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Brand: F.P.Dick Model: 725-0001-030
A robust double-cut file having both flat and half-round sides. The curved side is used for filing concave surfaces, so it helps a lot to create a perfect spot to apply the clip while horseshoeing. Τhe flat side can be used to achieve a smooth finish...
Ex Tax:17.26€
Brand: F.P.Dick Model: 727-0003-022
DICK-ASCOT Hoof Knife, made of high-quality special carbon steel. Short straight blade, polished, with sharp cutting edge geometry for prolonged oerformance. The ergonomic rosewood handle in combination with the shape of the blade ensures the best dynamic effect. Most carefully finished. Ava..
Ex Tax:37.10€
Brand: F.P.Dick Model: 727-0002-007
Spare Handle for DICK’s Nylon Hammer..
Ex Tax:7.82€
Brand: F.P.Dick Model: 727-0002-002
Nylon soft faced hammer with 35mm face. Using this hammer with DICK’s toeing knife, you can remove inflamed and overgrown horn without stress or pain for the horse, and it prolongs the lifespan of the knife.  ..
Ex Tax:21.94€
Brand: F.P.Dick Model: 727-0002-005
Head of very durable special nylon polyamide. This is a replacement head for DICK’s nylon hammer, 40 mm..
Ex Tax:8.87€
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