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Nail Nippers - Clinch Cutters

Brand: Icar Model: 990AM61270
Professional nail nipper from ICAR, made ​​of quality steel, which provides great strength. It has two small cylindrical magnets inside the jaws, which attract remnants of the nails that may fall down, avoiding the risk of possible sole injuries and an anvil, which helps both in bending the nail upo..
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Shoe Puller, FARRY 14” – 4 Functions Shoe Puller, FARRY 14” – 4 Functions
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Brand: Icar Model: 9900031470
Clever design has resulted in a versatile farriers tool with four main functions, to remove shoes, cut nails, spread shoes, and clean the hoof. ICAR’s Farry, 4 function shoe puller is a must for every farriers tool box. Weight – 780 grOverall Length – 35 cm / 14″Jaw opening – 5,8 cmCutting edg..
250.00€ 298.00€
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Brand: Diamond Model: 732-0002-014
The Diamond KX Nail Cutter is a lightweight, high-leverage nail nipper, of true professional quality, specifically developed to precision cut horseshoe nails. Features: Induction hardened cutting edges.Plastic coated handles for secure grip.Beveled head design for precise, close cu..
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Brand: Double-S Model: 730-0002-006
DOUBLE S Clinch Cutter is a well-finished product and comes with a comfortable wooden handle grip, making work easy on horse hooves. It is so sharp that makes it extremely easy to use. The Clinch Cutter comes in a left-hand and a right-hand version...
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Brand: Double-S Model: 730-0001-016
DOUBLE-S, COMBO CUT is a high quality tool, which combines two operations. It is a sharpened nail cutter on the one side, to remove the horseshoe more easily and a clinch groover on the other side, to form the necessary cavity for securing the nails. Available in left and right hand version..
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Brand: Soyo Model: 730-0002-002
This all purpose tool has been designed for clinch cutting on one end and the pritchel on the opposite end...
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Brand: Diamond Model: 730-0002-003
Unique titanium coating, extends lifespan Clinch cutter and pritchel / hoof pick, made with a unique, corrosion free titanium coating. Includes a pritchel / hoof pick for cleaning and sizing nail holesUnique corrosion free titanium coatingLarge striking surfaceDrop forged, made in Germany..
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