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Driving Hammers

Brand: Horsehead Model: 728-0001-014
The Horse Head hammer may be one of the finest, most balanced hammers on the market. This tool is made of high grade steel and comes with a serrated face. It is perfectly balanced and rings and drives nails with ease. The octagonal serrated face prevents slippage. The claw is hollowed out re..
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Brand: Double-S Model: 728-0001-023
Based on years of field experience, together with careful and constant research, the “Double S” organization is proud to present a brand new driving hammer. Farriers will appreciate the special joint-device, which absorbs – almost completely – the vibrations resulting from each individual st..
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Brand: Nordic Forge Model: 728-0001-009
A driving hammer 12οz-350gr. with octagon shaped face, greatly balanced. No Vibration and slim handle for smooth strokes. Claw Design for hooking or twisting nails...
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Brand: Jim Blurton Model: 728-0001-017
This stylish hammer is very well balanced and is a pleasure to use. The jaws are designed with an inner cutting edge which will ring off nails with ease. The handle is made from high quality hickory and is approximately 15” in length. The handle is thin which allows a degree of whip and is g..
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Brand: Diamond Model: 728-0001-035
Ergonomically designed driving hammer Very well balanced, ergonomically designed, durable driving hammer . Round hammer head Excellent balance Easy wringing/ snapping off horseshoe nailsHandle made of strong, laminated wood Weight: 7 oz – 200 gr ( Weight excluding handle)..
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