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Clinch Groovers

Brand: Double-S Model: 730-0001-002
Italy’s Best Farrier Tools- Double”S” with super comfortable grip. Easy to work on horse hooves with this tool as it is a well-finished product with comfortable wooden handle...
Ex Tax:40.16€
Brand: Double-S Model: 730-0001-016
DOUBLE-S, COMBO CUT is a high quality tool, which combines two operations. It is a sharpened nail cutter on the one side, to remove the horseshoe more easily and a clinch groover on the other side, to form the necessary cavity for securing the nails. Available in left and right hand version..
Ex Tax:46.69€
Brand: Diamond Model: 730-0001-020
Extra sharp clinch gougeSimple use with or without hammerMade out of stainless tool steelUnique titanium coating..
Ex Tax:19.27€
Brand: Diamond Model: 730-0001-019
Unique titanium coating, extends lifespan Double sided clinch gouge with a unique, corrosion free titanium coating Double sided, for left and right handed useUnique corrosion free titanium coatingLarge striking surfaceDrop forged, made in Germany..
Ex Tax:22.98€
Clinch Groover, VIKTORIA
-12 %
Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 730-0001-003
VIKTORIA clinch groover, is made ​​of sturdy metal, to be durable and can be used with both hands...
41.90€ 47.60€
Ex Tax:33.79€
Brand: Ariex Model: 730-0001-010
ARIEX COMBO CUT, is a two in one tool. You can cut off horseshoe nails with one edge and groove with the other, very quickly and easily...
Ex Tax:20.65€
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