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Brand: 3M Model: 738-0001-083
New 3M™ Cubitron™ II Abrasive Belts have raised the bar for grinding performance and productivity – thanks to a breakthrough 3M technology that re-writes the rules for speed, consistency and belt life. Average up to 30% faster cutting on hard-to-grind metals than the next-best competiti..
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Brand: 3M Model: 738-0001-066
3M™ Cubitron™ II Cloth Belt 984F offers revolutionary performance with 3M Precision Shaped Grain on a YF-weight polyester cloth backing. This high-performing belt contains a grinding aid, making it ideal for medium to high pressure applications on stainless steel and other exotic alloys, alo..
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Brand: Pferd Model: PF-115Z40SG
Zirconia alumina is a high-performance abrasive delivering optimum stock removal performance on high-powered angle grinders. High-performance tool with very high stock removal performance and outstanding tool life. For demanding grinding work at maximum cost efficiency.  Abrasive: Zirc..
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Brand: Double-S Model: RTHD
Enhance your farriery equipment with this deluxe handle, which in addition to its unique design promises safety and great durability.Ergonomic design ensures comfort.Laminated wood offers superior grip.4-screw placement system promises secure and unmatched durability...
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Brand: Save Edge Model: 725-0001-008
The  Save Edge 14” rasp has been the industry standard for many years.  It is famous because of its unmatched sharpness and longevity.Buy a box! Get it cheaper!..
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Brand: Diamond Model: 725-0002-037
Farriers love these handles! An easy to apply rasp handle combining the best of both worlds (wood and plastic), with an elegant design, twist-on PU screw thread and the comfort and grip of a hardwood handle. Made of a combination of PU and HardwoodBest of both worlds: strong woode..
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Brand: Diamond Model: 725-0002-036
Ergonomic, lightweight design for comfortable grip and reduced fatigueTwist-on handle with double-nut design, ensures secure fit Fits all common rasp brands..
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Brand: Diamond Model: 725-0002-041
Screw on rasp handleFits most tanged rasps and filesUnique double screw system! Providing extra grip and stability on the rasp or fileMade from durable hardwood, unaffected by weather conditionsComfortable feel, all rounded edges with slip protection..
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Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 725-0002-027
Plastic rasp handle, for comfortable grip, in natural wood color...
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Brand: Save Edge Model: 725-0001-033
The 14'' BEAST rasp's extra width provides 23% more cutting surface!  The BEAST allows you to achieve a level hoof in fewer strokes. The large, rounded end provides a comfortable grip while working on the hoof. ..
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Brand: Icar Model: 9910532129
This specially designed loop, hoof knife, is manufactured from solid tool steel, rather than a curved blade, something that significantly increases its durability. It can be used both as right or left knife, that can easily reach and clean all difficult areas around frog. The knife measur..
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-15 %
Brand: Save Edge Model: 725-0001-515
The extra width of Save Edge’s BEAST rasp provides 35% more cutting surface!  With an overall length of more than 43 cm and a width of about 6 cm, this rasp allows the farrier to achieve a level hoof in fewer strokes!...
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