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Would you like to deal with the art of shoeing or you are already an experienced farrier? Take advantage now, of our special offers .......
Brand: Diamond Model: PACK-1
Get the set of tools you need for hoof trimming at a special price! The set consists of: Hoof rasp, MERCURY - Hoof knife, DIAMOND LOOP - Hoof nipper, DIAMOND FN15 -
145.00€ 159.80€
Ex Tax:116.94€
Get Started...
-16 % 3-4 Weeks
Model: PACK-2
Do you want to become a farrier?Get the set of tools you need to get started at a special price! The set consists of: Pocket Anvil, DIAMOND 48 cm - hammer, DIAMOND 7oz. - rasp, MERCURY -..
595.00€ 709.00€
Ex Tax:479.84€
Forging Set of Tools
-20 % 3-4 Weeks
Model: PACK-3
Do you want to develop your skills in forging? This set of tools is exactly what you need! The set consists of: Anvil, N.C. BIG FACE, 32kg - Rounding hammer, N.F. VIKING, 1000gr - ..
910.00€ 1,141.20€
Ex Tax:733.87€
Bar Wedges, KERCKHAERT Νο 4
-17 %
Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 740-0003-004
This wedge pads can be polyourethane, can be used between the shoe and the hoof for correction of the Hoof Pastern Axis. Sold per pair. Dimensions: No. 1: 110 x 130 x 10 mmNo. 4: 130 x 165 x 10 mm..
6.50€ 7.80€
Ex Tax:5.24€
Mixing Tips for VETTEC Cartridges, 160cc
-20 %
Brand: Vettec Model: 748-0002-042
Tips for 160 cc Vettec cartridges...
0.40€ 0.50€
Ex Tax:0.32€
Mixing Tips for VETTEC Cartridges, 210cc Mixing Tips for VETTEC Cartridges, 210cc
-13 %
Brand: Vettec Model: 748-0002-081
Tips for 210 cc Vettec cartridges...
1.30€ 1.50€
Ex Tax:1.05€
Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 725-0002-027
Plastic rasp handle, for comfortable grip, in natural wood color...
5.70€ 6.20€
Ex Tax:4.60€
Pressure Gauge, WIKA 10bar
-29 %
Brand: Wika Model: 10B-00607
WIKA’s liquid type manometer is the best pressure indicator. If you have a portable workshop, place this gauge on the forge and you will not have to worry about any damage caused by vibrations, since all it’s mechanical parts are covered with glycerin which in combination with the stainless ..
12.50€ 17.50€
Ex Tax:10.08€
-12 %
Brand: Icar Model: 990AM61270
Professional nail nipper from ICAR, made ​​of quality steel, which provides great strength. It has two small cylindrical magnets inside the jaws, which attract remnants of the nails that may fall down, avoiding the risk of possible sole injuries and an anvil, which helps both in bending the nail upo..
230.00€ 261.00€
Ex Tax:185.48€
-12 %
Brand: Diamond Model: 725-0001-052
Hoof rasps that stay sharp longer All-round hoof rasps that stay sharp longer. Easier rasping, yet finer finish. Tough steel core and extra hardened teeth means the hoof rasp does not break easily. TIP: Excellent fit with Diamond Wooden Rasp handle. Extremely sharp rasp side, takes..
26.50€ 30.00€
Ex Tax:21.37€
Shoe Puller, FARRY 14” – 4 Functions Shoe Puller, FARRY 14” – 4 Functions
-16 %
Brand: Icar Model: 9900031470
Clever design has resulted in a versatile farriers tool with four main functions, to remove shoes, cut nails, spread shoes, and clean the hoof. ICAR’s Farry, 4 function shoe puller is a must for every farriers tool box. Weight – 780 grOverall Length – 35 cm / 14″Jaw opening – 5,8 cmCutting edg..
250.00€ 298.00€
Ex Tax:201.61€
Aluminium Rasp Handle
-35 %
Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 725-0002-009
This extremely durable aluminum screw-on rasp handle has a 1-1/2” diameter, and will fit all 14” rasps...
17.50€ 27.00€
Ex Tax:14.11€
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