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Would you like to deal with the art of shoeing or you are already an experienced farrier? Take advantage now, of our special offers .......
Brand: Diamond Model: PACK-1
Get the set of tools you need for hoof trimming at a special price! The set consists of: Hoof rasp, MERCURY - Hoof knife, DIAMOND LOOP - Hoof nipper, DIAMOND FN15 -
129.00€ 142.00€
Ex Tax:104.03€
Get Started...
-13 %
Model: PACK-2
Do you want to become a farrier?Get the set of tools you need to get started at a special price! The set consists of: Pocket Anvil, DIAMOND 48 cm - hammer, SOYO FH10, 360 gr. - rasp, MERCURY - ..
465.00€ 531.60€
Ex Tax:375.00€
Forging Set of Tools
-18 %
Model: PACK-3
Do you want to develop your skills in forging? This set of tools is exactly what you need! The set consists of: Anvil, N.C. BIG FACE, 32kg - Rounding hammer, N.F. VIKING, 1000gr - ..
820.00€ 1,002.30€
Ex Tax:661.29€
Fluid Tar, RAPIDE
-10 %
Brand: Rapide Model: 747-0001-178
A product of nature for daily hoof-care. Prevents thrush. Healthy hooves are essential to the good health of your horse. Moisture in the frog groove of front and back hooves may cause thrush. Good hoof-care prevents thrush. Fluid tar helps you with the daily protection of the hoof both agains..
9.00€ 10.00€
Ex Tax:7.26€
-14 %
Brand: Double-S Model: 727-0003-016
Double-S LOOP knife has a long, ergonomic handle and is designed to help clean out difficult to reach areas in the hoof...
40.00€ 46.30€
Ex Tax:32.26€
Hoof Pick, DIAMOND Hoof Pick, DIAMOND
-12 %
Brand: Diamond Model: 750-0001-003
Become a hoof care expert with Diamond State of  the art hoof pick. Makes cleaning easier and more enjoyable for the horse. Serrated edges, for easy cleaningStainless steel, professional qualityUnique design allows dirt to be released easily Handle made of hardwood from sustainabl..
11.00€ 12.50€
Ex Tax:8.87€
-15 %
Brand: Diamond Model: 725-0001-052
Hoof rasps that stay sharp longer All-round hoof rasps that stay sharp longer. Easier rasping, yet finer finish. Tough steel core and extra hardened teeth means the hoof rasp does not break easily. TIP: Excellent fit with Diamond Wooden Rasp handle. Extremely sharp rasp side, takes..
25.50€ 30.00€
Ex Tax:20.57€
Hoof Knife, DOUBLE-S Hoof Knife, DOUBLE-S
-12 %
Brand: Double-S Model: 727-0003-018
DOUBLE-S hoof knives, consist of a curved blade,they are made ​​of steel and have an excellent anatomic handle. Available in right and left...
32.50€ 37.00€
Ex Tax:26.21€
Nail Nipper, N.F. Nail Nipper, N.F.
-31 %
Brand: Nordic Forge Model: 732-0002-003
A 10-inch lightweight nipper designed to pull or cut nails.  Heat treated jaws, cushion-grip handles.  Do not use on hardened nails or wire...
39.40€ 56.80€
Ex Tax:31.77€
-17 %
Brand: Double-S Model: 727-0003-053
Double-S hoof knives are made in Italy by brothers Marco and Leonardo Schelfi. Their knives are made from high grade steel and represent excellent value. The Rhino Hoof Knife has a drop blade and a hoof pick on the end of the blade and is available in Right-Hand or Left-Hand Versions..
35.00€ 42.00€
Ex Tax:28.23€
Rasp/File Brush, PFERD HBF 10 ST 0.15
-50 %
Brand: Pferd Model: HBF10-PF
The file brush is for easy cleaning of chips from clogged rasps or files. Rugged wooden handle with wear-resistant steel wire spiked band. Wire Material: SteelWire Diameter: 0,15 mmTrim Length (Wire height): 7,0 mmOverall Length: 232 mm..
2.90€ 5.80€
Ex Tax:2.34€
Brand: Michael Pulh GmbH Model: 748-0001-007
PM Hoof Packing is a high-tech two-component silicon, easy and clean to work with. Compared to many other hoof packings on the market the PM hoof packing does not stick to hoof and pad and does not hamper the foot’s natural function and balance in locomotion. It has medium flexibility (regul..
68.90€ 75.50€
Ex Tax:55.57€
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