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Special Hoof Repair Products

Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 748-0002-224
Hoof Staples are an answer for cracked hooves. Made of stainless steel, they are hammer driven into the horse’s hoof wall to stabilize a crack. The staple prongs, have barbs that turn the staple inward as it is driven into the hoof wall. Available in 3 sizes: Small: 3/16” – 4,8 mm Large: 1/4..
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Model: SKIT
This kit comprises of eight stainless steel wire sutures (10 cm long) with stainless steel backing plates (pre-threaded with the wires). One of the most effective ways, for the stitching and repair of horse hoof cracks and quarter cracks. Combine it with a long drill bit (art.: LN2..
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Brand: Pferd Model: FR944-3S-SP
Tools designed specifically for fine stock removal. Technical information Outer dia. 4 mm Width 2.9 mm Shank dia. 3 mm Overall length 32.9 mm Cut Special cut (SP) Materials that can be worked: Cast ironGrey/nodular cast iron (GG/GJL, GGG/GJS)Annealed cast ironB..
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Brand: Pferd Model: FR06190650
Cylindrical burr with radius end according to DIN 8032 and cut conforming to DIN 8033. Combination of cylindrical and ball-shaped geometries. Technical information Outer dia. 6 mm Width 13 mm Shank dia. 3 mm Overall length 43 mm Cut 4 Materials that can be work..
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Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: LN2-12585
High efficiency drills for extremely deep holes where working conditions such as cutting speed, feed, coolant and frequent chip removal have to be observed. Ideal for making holes when you need to apply hoof stitches (art.: SKIT) to close cracks in the hoof wall. Diameter: 2 mm ..
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Brand: 3D Hoofcare Model: 748-0002-508
Hoofcast is a resin impregnated mesh casting material used for the treatment of hoof problems where support and protection are needed. Hoofcast provides protection from wear, helps strengthen and stabilize the hoof capsule and is excellent for therapeutic applications. It is an ideal solution for ba..
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Model: 1536
Synthetic cast tape made of densely woven fiberglass impregnated with polyurethane resin. Easy to use, lightweight, air and radiant permeable. The specially treated resin does not stick to the gloves, has a small exothermic reaction and due to its special weaving, it is extremely malleable...
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Brand: S B S Model: 748-0002-026
The kit includes a convenient two-part dispensing tube that allows you to use only what you need with no waste. It has excellent adhesive qualities and is impervious to urine, water and other contaminants. Becomes part of the hoof wall in 10 minutes so it can be rasped and trimmed like natu..
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