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3D Hoofcare

Brand: 3D Hoofcare Model: 740-0002-510
This pad is designed to stop the frog from descending to the ground through peripheral loading of the hoof wall that results in sore heels and possible corns. It is used in conjunction with a digital impression material. It is designed to be used in a controlled pasture and riding environment that h..
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Brand: 3D Hoofcare Model: 740-0002-518
This pad is used in conjunction with a digital impression material to help re-align the hoof pastern axis angle. The wedge pad can be used to artificially raise the hoof angle when conformation or injury needs assistance when the hoof angle is low relative to the pastern angle. The pads help horses ..
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Brand: 3D Hoofcare Model: 748-0002-508
Hoofcast is a resin impregnated mesh casting material used for the treatment of hoof problems where support and protection are needed. Hoofcast provides protection from wear, helps strengthen and stabilize the hoof capsule and is excellent for therapeutic applications. It is an ideal solution for ba..
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