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Foot Pro

Brand: Foot Pro Model: 733-0001-001
A professional foot stand that can be used both for trimming and shoeing. A stand distinguished by its functionality and ease of use, made ​​of durable metal and finished in blue. Make your job easier and protect your back when working with the hoof...
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Brand: Foot Pro Model: 738-0001-079
Hoof Buffer attachment fits easily onto any domestic drill to make that high quality finish fast and effortless. Makes the sanding of the hoof wall quick and easy to leave a smooth finish. Drum belt will usually last for 8 to 15 horses, depending on conditions...
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Hoof Tester, USA SMALL 13″
3-4 Weeks
Brand: Foot Pro Model: 731-0001-002
Made from quality tool steel, the 13 in. USA SMALL Hoof Tester can apply ample pressure to any part of the foot to locate sensitive areas...
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Brand: Foot Pro Model: 738-0001-504
Sanding sleeve replacement for the Hoof Buffer attachment system. Available in 80 grit.   10 in a pack..
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Brand: Foot Pro Model: 738-0001-080
Replacement hydraulic bladder for the Hoof Buffer Attachment art...
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Brand: Foot Pro Model: 731-0001-003
Hoof Tester is used to find a tender spot or abscess on a horse’s foot and to determine the location of a painful area in the foot of a lame horse. It can also be used to locate bruised or punctured areas of the foot, or to diagnose foot bone diseases or injuries. Hoof examination should be ..
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