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Forge, CLIFF CARROLL’S PRO 2000 - 2 Burners
Brand: Cliff Carroll Forge & Tool Model: 736-0001-003
The PF-200 Pro-Forge reflects just that and delivers what today’s farrier wants in a fire. Clean, fast heat that’s easy to weld in. Pro-Forge took for granted that you wanted high heat without sacrificing fuel efficiency. You needed bar stock ports, cast iron doors that don’t warp and a hass..
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Brand: Blacksmith Model: A01112
Forge model H is a traditional, double use forge: good to be placed either in your car or your workshop.Thanks to its double burners, which can be regulated separately, it allows to reach the desired temperature very fast and easily maintain it with the minimu..
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Forge, BLACKSMITH Model “P/E” - 1 Burner Forge, BLACKSMITH Model “P/E” - 1 Burner
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Brand: Blacksmith Model: A01107
The P/E forge is the most popular and appreciated Blacksmith forge all over Europe thanks to its external compact dimensions, that are combined with an internal chamber able to hold horseshoes up to the bigger European sizes. Equipped with one burner, it is able to satisfy all the needs of e..
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Forge, BLACKSMITH Model “BASIC 2” - 2 Burners
Brand: Blacksmith Model: A01702
The Basic Two Burners Forge is the second introduction model in the range of renowned Blacksmith forges. Compact vertical burners for maximum space reduction, with air passage placed horizontally on the cap to avoid any kind of interference due to the wind. The forge structure and door are l..
Ex Tax:792.74€
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