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Shoe Puller, FARRY 14” – 4 Functions Shoe Puller, FARRY 14” – 4 Functions
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Brand: Icar Model: 9900031470
Clever design has resulted in a versatile farriers tool with four main functions, to remove shoes, cut nails, spread shoes, and clean the hoof. ICAR’s Farry, 4 function shoe puller is a must for every farriers tool box. Weight – 780 grOverall Length – 35 cm / 14″Jaw opening – 5,8 cmCutting edg..
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Brand: G.E. Forge & Tool Model: 732-0003-019
GE Pull Offs are drop-forged from chrome vanadium steel with knobs on the handles for easy identification. They are used in the removal of shoes and can also cut nails without damage to the blades...
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Brand: Diamond Model: 732-0003-003
Diamond SP12 classic shoe puller and spreader 2 in 1!Has exclusive pattern with sharp teeth on outside edges for ease in spreading most shoe sizes and stylesUsed to remove shoes from hoovesCan also be used for cutting nailsRound knobs on handle ends helps to recognize the tool among others ..
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Shoe Puller, SOYO SP12 Shoe Puller, SOYO SP12
3-4 Weeks
Brand: Soyo Model: 732-0003-001
SOYO brand tools are drop forged and of the finest quality, made of special alloy steel using the most modern technology and equipment. This shoe puller, is designed to easily remove any horseshoe regardless of its size...
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Shoe Spreader, BURR Shoe Spreader, BURR
3-4 Weeks
Brand: Icar Model: 9900121500
ICAR’s shoe spreader features handles that are set to touch when closed, this allows optimum leverage when the handles are open and the user is pushing them to spread the shoe. It also features multiple cogs to fit different size shoes. The cogs have different angles built in, so that you ha..
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