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Hoof Nippers

Brand: G.E. Forge & Tool Model: 732-0004-017
The newest innovation from GE Tool. The ”E” stands for easy. This new nipper features more comfortable handles, better leverage and balance. As always, all GE nipper are of the highest quality and hand finished..
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Brand: G.E. Forge & Tool Model: 732-0004-015
A must for any professional farrier or veterinarian. The half moon shaped cutting jaw is perfect for hoof resections, tracking white line or even removing sole on hard dry feet...
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Brand: Nordic Forge Model: 732-0004-007
Forged from high quality tool steel, machined to precise tolerances and heat treated for wear resistance.  Offers a very sharp cut.  The 15″ Nipper is available semi-polished.  Designed for trimming horses hoofs only.  Do not use to cut wire or nails!..
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Brand: Nordic Forge Model: 732-0004-006
The Viking hoof nippers are all forged from high quality tool steel, machined to precise tolerances and heat treated for strength and wear resistance. The 14″ Racetrack nipper, offers a very sharp cut and is ideal for smaller-hoofed horses, e.g. race horses.Semi-Polished (head only)...
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Brand: Nordic Forge Model: 732-0004-035
Having a pair of half round nippers in your toolbox, makes lots of trimming procedures much easier to achieve. The 12” N.F. Viking half round nipper is the perfect tool for those tough to get at places in the hoof and for ease of clip placement. The cutting blades are designed for very de..
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Brand: Diamond Model: 732-0004-009
This hoof nipper from Diamond is designed with the convenience of horse owners and farriers in mind. It has a button rivet that makes it easy to see your work and gives an uninterrupted cutting operation.  Its tough and sturdy design makes it durable and easy to use, with a longer service life...
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Hoof Nipper, BLUE DEVIL FN15 Hoof Nipper, BLUE DEVIL FN15
-11 %
Brand: Blue Devil Tools Model: 732-0004-025
Hoof nipper made ​​of high quality steel. Distinguished for its precision in cutting and a handle easy to work with...
70.00€ 79.00€
Ex Tax:56.45€
Brand: W Brand Products Model: 731-0001-522
The W-BRAND nipper spring is made to help the farriers trim the feet on young horses where one-handed nippering on a moving foot is a must. It is designed to be easily put on and taken off a variety of hoof nippers. They are not recommended for continual use, especially on larger hooves...
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