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Brand: Diamond Model: 748-0001-001
Better for the hoof, better for the horse! Horse silicone is a super shock absorber in combination with a pad. Fiil the foot totally with horse silicone and cover the frog with P.V.C. tape. 1 component siliconeFungi preventing propertiesVinegar based, shorter setting timeNontoxicAvailable..
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Brand: Vettec Model: 748-0002-088
Fast Setting, Hoof Adhesive This 30 second set hoof adhesive can be used for small repairs, levelling the feet, building heel angles, making custom shoes and foal extensions. Making foal extensions with Vettec Super Fast is easy. For the first time ever, hoofcare professionals can create a cu..
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Brand: Vettec Model: 748-0002-089
Glue-On Shoe & Hoof Repair Adhesive Adhere is a fast setting urethane adhesive, used for hoof wall repairs, building heel angles, and gluing on steel, aluminium, and polyurethane shoes. Adhere provides ample working time but is weight bearing in just four minutes. Color: BlackInitial Set..
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Brand: Vettec Model: 748-0001-092
Soft & Supportive Instant Pad Material for Thrush Infused with copper sulfate this silicone effectively treats most cases of thrush. It can be used as a preventative measure during wet seasons. Eliminates the need to pick out the feet and apply daily medication.Sets in less than 1 minute...
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Brand: Michael Pulh GmbH Model: 748-0001-007
PM Hoof Packing is a high-tech two-component silicon, easy and clean to work with. Compared to many other hoof packings on the market the PM hoof packing does not stick to hoof and pad and does not hamper the foot’s natural function and balance in locomotion. It has medium flexibility (regul..
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Brand: Foot Pro Model: 747-0001-220
FootPro™ DIM 20 provides cushion for issues such as; thin soles, sensitive frogs or situations where you want to give the horse something very soft to stand on. FootPro DIM 20 can be perfectly combined with 3D HoofCare Half Mesh pads and 3D HoofCare Full Mesh pads...
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Model: 20.0053
DENTPLUS is actually an imprinting material used by dental technicians, but a material now widely used also by farriers as hoof packing whenever a pad is placed. Using the catalyst in a ratio of about 5% you can have a medium elasticity hoof packing material which is shock absorbing and ideal for..
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Model: 10.6735
Catalyst paste for mixing with Dentplus silicone imprinting material. Available in a 60ml tube...
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Brand: Glue-U Adhesives Model: 100102150
Acrylic glue for bonding ALL KINDS OF horseshoes and hoofwall repairs. Available in 150cc black colour. Fits in standard caulking gun using an adapter or just use the Glue-U dispenser for 150cc cartridges. Bonds steel, aluminium and even urethane shoes. Suitable for repairing large cracks ..
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Brand: Glue-U Adhesives Model: 150101250
Fast Set WHITE Urethane adhesive that is very suitable for making extensions on foals’ hoofs and custom plastic shoes.  Also suitable for retouching or rebuilding heels, making medial/lateral corrections and for smaller hoof repairs. The hoof should be clean and especially dry. 25..
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Brand: Glue-U Adhesives Model: 200130250
Firm but soft urethane pad material in 2 Durometers A30 Soft – A50 Medium. 250cc cartridges fitting in standard caulking guns. Offers protection, cushioning and support for the hoof sole. Fill up to ground level for support of foundered and laminitis cases. Usage of supplied meshes is rec..
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Brand: Glue-U Adhesives Model: 210105250
Firm but soft silicone pad material in 3 versions A10 (blue) – A20 (transparent) – A30 (purple)  250cc cartridges fitting in standard caulking guns. Offers protection, shock absorption and support for the hoof sole. Always use Shufill Silicones in combination with Shupads! Shufill Si..
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