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Silicones Material

Mixing Tips for VETTEC Cartridges, 160cc
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Brand: Vettec Model: 748-0002-042
Tips for 160 cc Vettec cartridges...
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Mixing Tips for VETTEC Cartridges, 210cc Mixing Tips for VETTEC Cartridges, 210cc
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Brand: Vettec Model: 748-0002-081
Tips for 210 cc Vettec cartridges...
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Brand: Vettec Model: 748-0001-098
Support Mesh for packing material in black colour. Packed by 15pcs in dimensions 17 x 17 cm, each...
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Brand: Vettec Model: 748-0002-038
Contouring Plastic is used after applying Sole-Guard to smooth and level the material. Contouring Plastic will not stick to Sole-Guard and can be discarded after use. Available in roll with dimensions of 3 m in length and 150 mm width..
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Brand: Vettec Model: 748-0001-097
EQUI-STYROFOAM Pads are easy to apply. Seals and supports Equi-Build until set. Recesses material from ground level for traction. Evenly distributes material over solar surface. No material ends up as a “high” point to create sole pressure. Reduces the time holding the hoof up. Easy to remov..
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Brand: Vettec Model: 748-0002-039
Pack of rubber stops used to ensure even spacing with glue on shoes. Used mostly with Vettec Adhere. They are placed on shoes to ensure an even 1/8″ thickness of adhesive. Packaging: bag of 50 pieces..
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VETTEC, Cartridge Caps, 10 pcs VETTEC, Cartridge Caps, 10 pcs
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Brand: Vettec Model: 748-0002-032
Protect your silicone from wear with Vettec cartridge caps which do not allow the silicone to dry out. They can be adapted to all Vettec silicones. Available in bags of 10 pcs...
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Brand: Stromsholm Model: EQBLAD
Wooden applicator blades for use with Equithane products. Apply accurately without soiling your hands...
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Tips for DIAMOND Silicone Tips for DIAMOND Silicone
-17 %
Brand: Diamond Model: 748-0002-049
Protect Kerckhaert Horse silicone from wear with these Soudal cartridge caps which do not allow the silicone to dry out. Available in bags of 5pcs...
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Brand: 3M Model: 748-0001-080
Duct tape is one of the most universal and useful materials in hoof care. It is more durable than other tapes because it’s made ​​of fabric and plastic. It is practical because you can cut it to the dimension you want without the use of any kind of sharp object and gets easily the shape you ..
Ex Tax:6.45€
Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 17-037-00014
Mini stretch wrapping film is a light weight, handy product. Strech Film is used to secure any bandage on the foot or the hoof of the horse. It is suitable for use with a poultice (eg animal intex, art.:3M-033) or secure the hoof packing on the hoof until it sets when using a pad. It i..
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Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 748-0002-083
Dispenser for mini stretch wrapping film...
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