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Brand: Jim Blurton Model: 743-0002-040
This is an oval shaped shoe and is usually used on horses with pre-navicular and navicular disease. The frog is not supported, as the bar extends behind it, which can be a problem when used with very flat feet, as the frog will “drop through” because it is unsupported. In this case, a heart-..
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Brand: Jim Blurton Model: 743-0002-048
Heart-bar shoes can be used to help treat laminitis and flat feet. The shoe mimics the unshod foot, as the frog and wall are restored to a natural pattern of weight bearing. The support offered to the coffin bone is crucial for speedy recovery and realignment. The Heart Bar shoe not only pro..
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Brand: Jim Blurton Model: 743-0002-056
This shoe offers support to the heel and frog spreading the weight evenly throughout the foot. This shoe has a bar that runs directly between the two heels, enlarging the ground-bearing surface at the back of the foot. The shoe is ideal for competition horses, as the bar does not protrude ex..
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Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 047-2008-002
DF EGGBAR is a front horseshoe bearing 2 beautiful conical radius clips, placed on the quarter of the toe while having all the advantages of the DF family’s horseshoes. Special features:Great fulleringRight nail pitchThickness 8mm View here  the measuring table for Kerckhaert’s horseshoes..
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Brand: Jim Blurton Model: 743-0002-663
The three degree wedge bar, Graduated Frog Support Front Shoe Side Clipped Horseshoe by Jim Blurton has been designed to assist in the realignment of the HPA. This shoe has a set down bar which makes it easy to fit on a foot with a prominent frog. Used in conjunction with Vettec soft pad mat..
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Brand: Alpha Horseshoes Model: CFC2
Centre Fit Horseshoes are specially designed to fit the foot in a balanced fashion around the widest part of the foot, which is essentially the center of rotation of the coffin joint.   This patented* shoe has centering marks at the center of the shoe to help balance it around the co..
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Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 300-0300-002
When fitting eggbars, you are often trying to shorten the toe to reduce break over. The flatter toe shape of the TRIUMPH helps the farrier to achieve this, together with a good bevel around the toe, plus a steel insert to provide extra wear. The shoe comes with beveled back edges to avoid th..
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Brand: Visani Model: A52110
Visani Onion shoe protects the heels, increases the area of support on the heels and limits sinking into the ground. It also helps in avoiding and treating some cases of low and painful heels, as well as navicular conditions in sport horses. Having in total 3 clips (1 clip on the toe already..
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Brand: Blacksmith Model: CLAKB0A0
The eggbar increases the loading surface at the heels, limits heel penetration, decreases the stress on the distal interphalangeal joint, reduces the strain on the deep flexor tendon and the pressure on the navicular bone. It gives more stability and distributes the weight uniformly. The shoe has bu..
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CLASSIC LATERAL EXTENSION - Sideclipped Hind (pair)
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Model: 412-0001-207
The CLASSIC LATERAL EXTENSION shoes are hind shoes with the outer branch of the shoe flattened by welding a special insert. These horseshoes help widening the horse's gait during locomotion. It can also be used as a support shoe and in the treatment of bone spavin.  View here  the me..
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Brand: Blacksmith Model: KLCAB0A0
This shoe is characterised by a supple and streamlined shape, with a slightly squared toe; it has a large bevel from the outside upper edge to the inside lower edge, granting the shoe specific preventive and therapeutic properties. For horses who have to make narrow turns, the easing of the medi..
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Brand: Blacksmith Model: AKLCB0A0
This front shoe designed with wide heels, guarantee protection and ease movement of the rear part of the hoof and provides good sole protection. The shape is symmetrical and the branches are of equal covering. Having in total three clips -a little bit placed back, the farrier can chose among..
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