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Maddox Plus

Brand: Maddox Plus Model: 700-0125-030
The renewed MADDOX+ come to honor their multiannual name. With redesigned and improved finishes, Maddox+ are gradually replacing their predecessors, MADDOX. The unique hardness of the nails, prefered by many farriers, remains the same, while the nail is improved in all other aspects. Ideal for nail ..
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Brand: Maddox Plus Model: 700-0225-030
Another type of MADDOX nails gradually updated with new MADDOX+ nails. E-SLIMs have the same head with E-Regular type of nails, but thinner shank and more length causing less damage to the hoof wall...
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Brand: Maddox Plus Model: 700-0850-001
Following the line of Slim types, JC nails are ideal when working with thin-walled hooves, due to their very thin shank. Their unique trapezoidal head, on one hand lets the nail protrude sufficiently to slow down the wear of the shoe, while improving grip and on the other hand, they fit in thicker s..
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