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Brand: Luwex Model: 740-0002-019
This pad is ideal for any orthopedic problem, including broken bones in the horse’s leg or foot. It gives excellent support and is ideal for sore tendons because it absorbs concussion, gives support and makes it easier for the horse to walk. Unlike other full pads, the Luwex Full pad gives t..
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Brand: Luwex Model: 740-0001-003
he Luwex Pad is ideal for any orthopedic issues. It provides excellent support and is ideal for tired and sore tendons as it absorbs the concussion as the horse walks whilst giving support to make walking easier. The pad is designed for use with a flexible hoof packing material. The mesh des..
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Brand: Luwex Model: 748-0001-012
Luwex is a super-lightweight and soft hoof packing material. It carries only 75% of the weight of traditional “dental impression” cushioning, so there is less pressure against sensitive structures in the foot, protecing thin soles and preventing accumulation of debris. It is highly reco..
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