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Liberty nails

Brand: Liberty nails Model: 707-0125-030
The European standard design nail is actually the classic day-to-day nail which has been on the market for many years. This is a multi-purpose nail which can be used in all of the European styles horseshoes and sport disciplines. Fits very well in V-fullered shoes and is available in a large..
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Brand: Liberty nails Model: 707-0225-030
This European standard design nail has a longer and thinner shank compared to the regular E nails. The advantage of these nails is that you can drive the nails higher in the hoof wall without causing the hoof wall to crack, especially on thin walled horses. The smaller sizes also can be used..
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Nails Liberty, Type LX Nails Liberty, Type LX
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Brand: Liberty nails Model: 707-0525-500
For those who need a very slim nail, Liberty LX is the perfect solution. LX stands for light, durable and has a great fit in the V-fullered shoes. Using this nail reduces damage to the hoof wall even more. The shank of LX has an even slimmer shank compared to the E SLIM nails...
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Brand: Liberty nails Model: 707-4425-020
The only race nail you need! How many times have you plated a race horse with shelly, thin walled hooves and wished you had a thinner nail with a strong neck and a head that fitted seamlessly into the racing plate crease? Liberty Carrera is an innovative race nail, that combines a uniq..
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Brand: Liberty nails Model: 707-2225-050
City Head nails were originally used on paved streets because they are a smaller head than a regular nail that fits flush in to the groove on the bottom of  a horseshoe. Horseshoe nails should only be driven one way into the hoof and the tapered end guides the nail to exit the hoof when..
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Brand: Liberty nails Model: 707-3225-050
Nails with the Race designation are used most often on Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse or Standardbred race horses that wear light steel or aluminum shoes. These horses are often shod on 3 or 4 week intervals and the small shank of the nail creates less damage to the hoof. Small size shoes used ..
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Brand: Liberty nails Model: 707-1025-134
The ASV race nail is a very popular nail used by many racing farriers when using the Kerckhaert Alu Kings Plate series. These nails ensure a very secure and tight fit...
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