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Liberty Nail; the combination of advanced materials, modern computer controlled production and the highest quality control, results in a nail which professional farriers worldwide are now using, choosing to go with the best nail on the market. The quality of the Liberty Nail is also found in the detail of the design. The features which you find in the edges of the head, the blade and the point are only possible because of the brand new machines making the Liberty nails and the attention to every aspect of the production. The Liberty nails are now being made in an ever increasing range of styles and sizes, all designed to fit perfectly into Kerckhaert horseshoes. If your looking for a nail which is consistently superior, try Liberty Nails, we’re sure you will be satisfied.
Brand: Liberty nails Model: 707-0125-030
The European standard design nail is actually the classic day-to-day nail which has been on the market for many years. This is a multi-purpose nail which can be used in all of the European styles horseshoes and sport disciplines. Fits very well in V-fullered shoes and is available in a large..
Ex Tax:12.66€
Brand: Liberty nails Model: 707-0225-030
This European standard design nail has a longer and thinner shank compared to the regular E nails. The advantage of these nails is that you can drive the nails higher in the hoof wall without causing the hoof wall to crack, especially on thin walled horses. The smaller sizes also can be used..
Ex Tax:15.16€
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