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Hoof & Horse Formula, DIAMOND

Hoof & Horse Formula, DIAMOND
Hoof & Horse Formula, DIAMOND
Hoof & Horse Formula, DIAMOND
Hoof & Horse Formula, DIAMOND
Hoof & Horse Formula, DIAMOND
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Stimulates health & hoof quality

The horse’s health is often reflected in the quality of mane, tail and hooves. When hooves get, show cracks, are brittle then most likely the horse has a nutrient deficiency. Probably for the past few months, the horse has had a deficiency, because the horse cannot produce itself the building blocks for healthy feet in sufficient quantity or cannot sufficiently take in the building blocks in the body. This is usually caused by stress, poor circulation, not well-balanced diet or because the surface the horse stands on has changed (constantly wet, for example).

Hoof quality can be improved by:
1. replenishing the deficiencies
2. stimulating the circulation
3. bringing back balance in the body

1.Replenish defeciencies
Diamond Hoof & Horse Formula contains zinc, copper, calcium, B vitamins, biotin, amino acid, silicone and vitamin A. These are important building blocks of the hoof.

2. Stimulate the circulation
Diamond Hoof & Horse Formula contains Omega 3 fatty acids and rosemary which stimulate blood circulation.

3. Bring back balance in the body (Liver, Stomach, Colon)
•Sub-optimal liver function results in poorer fat digestion
•Sub-optimal colon function results in poor production of Biotin
•Sub-optimal stomach function results in poor intake of Calcium and Zinc

Liver & Colon
Diamond Hoof & Horse Formula contains:
• Probiotics: active yeast in high dose which results in:
— Better digestion of fibres
— Healthier gut flora (bacteria in colon)
— Prevention of acidification
— Calming effect
— Positive effects also in cases of laminitis
• Lecithin, Choline, Milk thistle for good liver function

Diamond Hoof & Horse Formula contains Turmeric, Liquorice and Algae for better stomach function

Diamond Hoof & Horse Formula is a very low sugar level supplement

Diamond Hoof & Horse Formula supports organ functioning and improves the self-healing ability or the horse. As a result, the horse will sooner be able again to produce the building blocks itself and/or take in the building blocks.

Diamond Hoof & Horse Formula can be used both for preventative and curative purposes
PREVENTATIVE: prevention is better than cure
You remedy the imbalance in the daily diet, improve the horse’s well-being by providing calmness, and increase its immunity. This results not only in good, firm hooves, but also in a shiny coat, mane and tail (mirror of health) CURATIVE: A hoof grows very slowly. Objective = making every centimetre newly grown hoof a healthy strong hoof in less than a month.

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