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Brand: Eco Service Model: 746-0004-006
This metal working lubricant manufactured by APPLIED, is excellent for drilling and tapping, ideal for all general and E.P. metal working applications such as drilling horseshoes for studs. Simply spray direct to the tool as required. Available in spray of 400 ml...
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Brand: Eco Service Model: 07-03-02-002
This rust remover, produced by Eco Service is a multi-purpose product with 7 functions: rust remover, protecting, lubricating, water-repellent, anti-freezing, degreasing, dielectric. It is a fluid with strong penetrating power. It dissolves rust without wearing metal and performs a useful lu..
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Handwash Paste, ECO SERVICE
-19 %
Brand: Eco Service Model: 07-03-01-001
This handwash paste is a lemon scented degreasing detergent, which is ideal for any kind of difficult dirt. It leaves your hands soft and fragrant no matter how frequently you use it...
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Brand: Eco Service Model: 25-03-03-001
Heavy-duty brush, with a densely packed crimped brass wire fill and ergonomic plastic handle, manufactured by Sit of Italy. Ideal for removing rust, scale and paint, as well as cleaning and preparing of all metal surfaces...
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