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Bloom Forge

Brand: Bloom Forge Model: 732-0006-012
Bloom is recognized throughout the industry for the attention to detail and performance of the products he manufactures...
Ex Tax:72.50€
Brand: Bloom Forge Model: 729-0002-004
An excellent tool for easy fullering, that will highlight your abilities in horseshoeing...
Ex Tax:60.24€
Brand: Bloom Forge Model: 729-0001-003
An effective tool for every farrier...
Ex Tax:60.24€
Brand: Bloom Forge Model: 727-0003-026
BLOOM REGULAR is a top quality hoof knife like all tools manufactured by Roy Bloom, giving a great feeling while used by the farrier. A hand made  knife, distinguished by the detail in its construction. Available in right and left...
Ex Tax:32.26€
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