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STEEL COMFORT Quarterclipped Front (pair)

STEEL COMFORT Quarterclipped Front (pair)
STEEL COMFORT Quarterclipped Front (pair)
STEEL COMFORT Quarterclipped Front (pair)
STEEL COMFORT Quarterclipped Front (pair)


Horseshoe Features
Material Iron
Horseshoe type Front
Clips Quarterclipped
Patents / Innovations
Radius Clip Yes
Sole Relief Yes
Support Yes
Rollover Yes
Suggested Nail Type
1. E
STEEL COMFORT Quarterclipped Front (pair)
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  • Model: 049-2208-002

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STEEL COMFORT horseshoes benefit from all the advantages of the DF family they belong to, while they have such an excellent shape that legitimately many veterinarian recommend their application to horses with hoof problems. Their patented rollover section,works to improve the performance of the horse and the quality of the hoof by bringing the break over under the hoof wall, something that reduces the strain on the flexor tendons. It also reduces the stress which would normally pass through the outer hoof wall.Bearing the registered support model these horseshoes offer the same support as a wider shoe without adding the extra weight, as they are produced with a wider toe and heels section. This gives to the horse more support by fitting the shoes longer and wider at the heels. The hoof may grow and expand to the maximum but is still being supported. The wider toe section provides extra cover to the foot, and will reduce wear. Although the heels are wider, the special inside heel cut makes sure you are able to fit the shoe without coming close to the frog. Another unique type of horseshoe with features that help to improve horses’ performance!

Special features:

  • Great fullering
  • Right nail pitch
  • Thickness 8mm

Dimensions in parentheses next to each number indicate the section of the horseshoe.

Price per pair.

View here  the measuring table for Kerckhaert’s horseshoes and chose the suitable size for your horse.