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Grinding Belt Machine, DIAMOND
Brand: Huvema Model: 738-0001-016
A powerful 1000 Watt machine, with 100 x 320 mm grinding surface, that will entirely satisfy the needs of the farrier, since it makes the finishing of the horseshoes an easy procedure, even in difficult areas such as heels and clips because of its concave shape. It comes with a belt alrea..
Ex Tax:798.39€
Brand: Work Sharp Model: 727-0004-030
This electric sharpening machine is co-developed by the well-known knives designer Ken Onion. Every knife can be sharpened with this machine, it is also possible to sharpen sharp tools such as chisels and axes, spud hooks, scissors and even serrated knives. This machine is in fact a small profes..
Ex Tax:225.81€
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