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Brand: Cavalo Model: 745-0002-019
Made from specially formulated thermoplastic elastomer, Cavallo’s Enhanced Protection Gel Pad gives your horse an extra layer of comfort only when he needs it. Removable insole for greater comfortEasy to cut and fit to your horse’s bootsFor temporary use with Cavallo Simple bootsProvides excell..
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Brand: Cavalo Model: 745-0002-021
For those who would like additional protection, Cavallo Pastern Wraps are offered (sold in pairs). The pastern wrap offers an extra layer of protection for your horse’s soft skin when you ride. Velcro the Cavallo wrap around the hoof, keeping it low to the ground around the bottom of the bulb..
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Brand: Cavalo Model: 745-0002-012
Simple to measure, simple to fit, simple and fast to put on and remove. The hoof boots provide comfort for your horse, whether it’s simply for a ride on terrain to which his hooves are unaccustomed or protection over gravel or rocks or added security on slippery pavement. LightweightBuilt-in ..
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Brand: Blacksmith Model: CLAKB0A0
The eggbar increases the loading surface at the heels, limits heel penetration, decreases the stress on the distal interphalangeal joint, reduces the strain on the deep flexor tendon and the pressure on the navicular bone. It gives more stability and distributes the weight uniformly. The shoe has bu..
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Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 310-0400-321
Alu Kings Plate Degree shoe is designed to provide extra lift for the hoof that kas very little heel length and where the hoof tends to grow foward. The additional wedge desing helps to support the limb and minimizes stress on the structures of the limb. Very often this additional suppo..
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Brand: Blacksmith Model: LCKAB0A0
This shoe with a very wide section on the toe, supports the front part of the hoof and helps in limiting toe penetration on soft surfaces, thus reducing stresses on the superficial flexon tendon, on the suspensory ligament and on the distal sesamoidean ligaments. This shoe is therefore suita..
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Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 300-0300-002
When fitting eggbars, you are often trying to shorten the toe to reduce break over. The flatter toe shape of the TRIUMPH helps the farrier to achieve this, together with a good bevel around the toe, plus a steel insert to provide extra wear. The shoe comes with beveled back edges to avoid th..
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Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 065-2520-031
Kerckhaert has addressed the problem many farriers ran into with the warm blood influence in the market. Creased through the toe, with an inner bevel and solid heels, this shoe series provides an excellent choice for the larger riding horse. Century Big Foot fronts are symmetrical. Punched f..
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Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 070-2208-011
CLASSIC ROLLER, with its half round Roller section, boxed off heels and altered width of the section at key areas like the toe and heels has many advantages over traditional steel sections. First the wide section gives the hoof cover and support. The crease locks the nail securely into the s..
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Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 044-4228-001
DF Motion is a front symmetrical toeclipped horseshoe that allows a more comfortable medial and lateral movement. A useful addition to your range with great features your horse can benefit from and shape which can be easily modified to save time. Special features: Tendon stress r..
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Brand: 3rd Millennium Model: 745-0001-529
BABI-CUFFS are designed to help correct flexural deformities in foals and young horses. The unique design of a Babi-Cuff offers universal applications. Contracted or collapsed tendons, valgus deviations and medial/lateral hoof growth deformities. Extension of the heelExte..
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Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 035-1906-600
Royal Kerckhaert , the worldwide recognized horseshoe factory, in  cooperation with PETALO, their representative in Greece, combines  tradition with expertise and creates the first factorial shoe, ideal for use  in equines. Royal Kerckhaert having taken the horseshoeing needs ..
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