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Brand: Cavalor Model: 82193408
Cavalor Star Shine is a long-lasting conditioning spray with pleasant scent. It gives the coat a unique shine and keeps mane and tail tangle free for several days.Cavalor Star Shine is made of high-quality ingredients, containing a high-quality silicone blend and is pH neutral. Its skin-friendly..
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Brand: Cavalor Model: 82194920
Cavalor FreeBute Gel is an intense gel made from natural ingredients which can be used to soothen swollen legs, painful joints and sensitive or overworked muscles and tendons. The unique blend contains 8 essential oils including eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree oils, known for their relaxi..
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Brand: Multicore Model: 747-0001-177
HYPODERM Horse Skin Ointment is a specially formulated horse ointment that conditions the skin and provides quick recovery, since it supports the skin's restorative capacity. The ointment is easy to apply to the leg, in the pasterns or anywhere else where skin care is desired.HYPODERM can be us..
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Brand: Cavalor Model: 82193101
Cavalor Equi Wash is the ideal shampoo to give your horse a revitalizing shower. This pH neutral shampoo is gentle on the skin but tough on dirt. It is enriched with provitamin B5 and glycerin. Provitamin B5 penetrates the roots and improves the moisture content of the coat. Hydrated hair appea..
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Brand: Cavalor Model: 82193050
Cavalor Bianco Wash is a mild horse shampoo that removes persistent stains. As much as we love grey horses, getting them bright white is very difficult. With Cavalor Bianco Wash, white truly becomes white again. A small amount is enough to remove even stubborn grass, manure or urine stains on wh..
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Brand: Cavalor Model: 82193604
Cavalor CoolSens is a concentrated liniment containing a blend of essential oils to wash, refresh, and cool the horse’s body, muscles, and legs.It is important for horses to cool down thoroughly after sweating during their workout. Cooling down is just as important as warming up. Avoid injuries ..
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Brand: S B S Model: 747-0001-068
Toe Grow Spray is a copper-peptide complex which has shown to increase keratin and horn growth by enhancing the production of protein collagen and accelerating the repair of cell damage. The horn, hair and skin are made up of keratin. Directions of use: Shake well before each use. Spray Toe ..
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