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Educational and Advertising Material

Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 749-0001-010
An anatomically accurate chart of the horse conformation. Suitable for educational purposes and a better understanding of the information obtained from the veterinarian or even the horse! Provides information on the most common disorders can be treated in equine anatomy. Size: 61 cm x 45..
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Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 749-0001-012
This poster shows both the external and internal structures of the hoof including the hoof wall structures, bar, frog and sole coriums...
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Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 749-0001-011
The navicular region poster shows the various structures in the navicular region including the navicular bone itself; the deep digital flexor tendon; the impar ligament; the navicular bursa; as well as the arteries, veins and nerves supplying the area. It also compares a relatively healthy n..
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Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 749-0001-014
The Tendons and Ligaments Poster uses a combination of real bones overlaid with illustrations to show the location of each of the tendons and ligaments in the equine distal limb. It features both lateral and palmar views, along with an additional palmar view with the top layer of structures ..
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Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: BKHICK
Hickman’s Farriery was first published in 1977 and has since been completely revised and updated to bring it into line with the latest developments in this field. The new edition demonstrates how traditional skills can be combined with modern science to benefit the welfare, soundness and per..
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Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 749-0001-013
The general anatomy poster shows the overall anatomy of the horse as well as the vital signs such as heart rate, rectal temperature and respiration rate of both adult horses and foals. It also features the mucous membrane color chart and instructions on how to locate the digital pulse...
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Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 797-3501-003
In 2008, on our centennial anniversary in 2006, Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands granted our company the predicate Royal. Since then the name was changed to Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory and the Royal Crown was added to the company logo. The Kerckhaert family are very honour..
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Brand: Diamond Model: 749-0001-034
Your best friend in practicing your skills!The best alternative for a real hoof. This artificial training hoof provides an affordable alternative to practicing your skills on dead hooves or with live horses. This training hoof imitates a real horse’s hoof, the different materials provide a rea..
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