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Special Non Slip Material

BORIUM Bullets BORIUM Bullets
-21 %
Brand: Stromsholm Model: 746-0003-016
Borium bullets are made of borium (tungsten carbide crystals) that are located inside a small piece of copper tubing for either a toe borium or a heel borium puddle. With a packaging of 50 pieces in a box (including wax) there is enough to do four horses...
49.90€ 62.85€
Ex Tax:40.24€
Pre Fluxed, BORIUM ROD Pre Fluxed, BORIUM ROD
-21 %
Brand: Stromsholm Model: 739-0002-512
Pre-fluxed borium rods containing carbide chips that are deposited onto the horseshoe when melted to improve traction on hard surfaces such as tarmac and reduces wear. Hardness: Coarse Length: 15” (39 cm)..
30.50€ 38.60€
Ex Tax:24.60€
White Flux Rod
-21 %
Brand: Stromsholm Model: 739-0002-516
White flux rod as an aid for Borium rods...
3.40€ 4.30€
Ex Tax:2.74€
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