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Payment Μethods

Payment methods

All prices are final and VAT is included. After completing your order, we offer you 4 payment methods to choose the one that serves you best:


1. Payment at the shop

Payment of the value of your order can be made in cash or using a debit / credit card upon receipt of your order from our shopon the days and hours of operation. (Order can be preceded electronically)


 2. Wire transfer to our bank accounts


Account Number: 878/400 267 - 90

IBAN: GR5101108780000087840026790



Account Number: 0026.0336.76.0200691688

IBAN: GR3902603360000760200691688



Account Number: 5216-089857-318

IBAN: GR5301722160005216089857318



Account Number: 726.00.2002000937

IBAN: GR2001407260726002002000937


In all the above accounts the beneficiary is: BRASTIANOU GEORGIA

You must write your name and order code or codes if there is more than one at the field “information about the beneficiary”.

If you make the deposit, you should send us a copy by fax 2310 46 42 55, e-mail us at or inform us by phone at 2310 46 47 54, to complete the process. After receiving a valid copy of the payment, the order processing and confirmation procedure is followed and the relevant emails are sent to you.

Important notice: In case of order and payment by wire transfer, the product is bound for 3 working days in standby mode until the payment is made. In case we do not receive the payment within 3 working days, the product is released and is free for sale, while the order is considered cancelled.


3. Cash on delivery

 Cash on delivery service is an extra service that is charged for € 1.85 in addition to shipping costs.


4. By credit or debit card

 If you have a debit, credit card VISA, MasterCard, Maestro or prepaid card, you can use it safely through our order form. All payments made using a card are processed through the secure electronic payment platform " Pay Center " of Piraeus Bank. Your credit card details are not sent back to

If your credit card allows it, you can also pay your order with up to 12 interest-free installments, as follows:

  • for purchases from € 200.01, up to 4 interest-free installments
  • for purchases from € 500.01 up to 8 interest-free installments, and up to
  • 12 interest-free installments for purchases from € 1,000.01 reserves the right to refuse the delivery or execution of an order by a customer with whom a court dispute is pending.