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Hoof Packing Regular, M. PHUL

Hoof Packing Regular, M. PHUL
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Hoof Packing Regular, M. PHUL
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PM Hoof Packing is a high-tech two-component silicon, easy and clean to work with. Compared to many other hoof packings on the market the PM hoof packing does not stick to hoof and pad and does not hamper the foot’s natural function and balance in locomotion. It has medium flexibility (regular), it is shock absorbing and ideal for feet that are sensitive to sole pressure. Particularly appropriate for coffin joint inflammation and generally sensitive hoof sole, for navicular syndrome, corium inflammation, diseases of the deep digital flexor tendon, contracted and under-run heels, coffin joint arthritis, laminitis/founder and hoof cracks. Available in 1,5 kg can, including an extra tube of hardener = up to 15 hooves.

  • Mixture: 100% PM Hoof Packing Regular + 3% Hardener
  • Color: Light blue
  • Set Time: 2– 3 min