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GR MOUNTAIN Unclipped Front/Hind (pair)

GR MOUNTAIN Unclipped Front/Hind (pair)
GR MOUNTAIN Unclipped Front/Hind (pair)
GR MOUNTAIN Unclipped Front/Hind (pair)
GR MOUNTAIN Unclipped Front/Hind (pair)


Horseshoe Features
Material Iron
Horseshoe type Front or Hind
Clips Unclipped
Suggested Nail Type
1. E
2. JC
GR MOUNTAIN Unclipped Front/Hind (pair)
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  • Model: 035-1906-600

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Royal Kerckhaert , the worldwide recognized horseshoe factory, in  cooperation with PETALO, their representative in Greece, combines  tradition with expertise and creates the first factorial shoe, ideal for use  in equines. Royal Kerckhaert having taken the horseshoeing needs of working equines in our country into deep consideration and after years of study, in cooperation with vets and farriers, manufactures GR Mountain horseshoe, thus honoring both Greece, and the great contribution of these animals in everyday work.

Main characteristics:

  • Shape, suitable for the majority of working horses, to require the least possible effort and time for the formatting of the shoe.
  • 19×6 Section, to increase wear and cover sufficient part of the hoof
  • Plain stamped to increase wear
  • Without clips for easier fitting
  • 10 mm caulk for additional grip
  • Sufficient space on the toe, to fit pins for additional grip
  • Square nail holes, to prevent the nails from cutting off
  • Nail holes with pitch, respecting the natural conformation of the hoof, for placing the nails easily, minimizing the risk of injury
  • Nail holes, suitable for E-Head nails to secure the shoe
  • Adequate nail holes for up to 6-8 nails
  • Enough material to create clip,if necessary

Dimensions in parentheses next to each number indicate the section of the horseshoe.

Price per pair.