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Brand: Cavalor Model: 747-0001-035
The new natural formula for Cavalor® Dry Feet Natural is based on prebiotics and probiotics to provide the sole and frog with good, protective microflora for the active suppression of pathogens. This product is used worldwide by veterinarians, farriers, grooms and riders to treat soft areas of the h..
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Brand: Kevin Bacon's Hoofcare Model: 747-0001-533
Hoof Solution is a remarkable product for use on hoof soles and frogs in contact with wet or muddy enviroments. The moisture and acidity of the floors and bedding often damage the soles and frogs of our horses' feet.  It can be used on frogs and soles that are soft, sensitive, smelly, and/..
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Brand: Life Data Labs Model: 747-0001-083
Hoof Disinfectant and Conditioner Farrier’s Finish® is a liquid hoof topical that combats the “hoof eating” bacterial and fungal invasions which cause white line disease, thrush, and poor hoof quality. Farrier’s Finish® not only protects and disinfects the surface of the hoof, ..
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Brand: Life Data Labs Model: 747-0001-084
Life Data® Hoof Clay® is a pliable antimicrobial clay which easily packs and remains in place within hoof wall defects, old nail holes, wall separations and cracks. Effective against a wide spectrum of bacterial and fungal invasions which can lead to poor hoof quality, white line disease, wa..
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Brand: Diamond Model: 747-0001-183
Diamond Hoof Defender boosts the natural resistance of the hoof against diseases that are caused by bacteria and fungi (e.g. white line disease and thrush). Antiseptic formula deeply cleanses and disinfects the hoofPromotes growth of healthy horn tissueCompletely safe to healthy tissue,..
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Brand: Multicore Model: 747-0001-177
HYPODERM Horse Skin Ointment is a specially formulated horse ointment that conditions the skin and provides quick recovery, since it supports the skin's restorative capacity. The ointment is easy to apply to the leg, in the pasterns or anywhere else where skin care is desired.HYPODERM can be us..
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Brand: Royal Kerckhaert Model: 747-0001-176
This hoof care product was especially formulated to treat old nail holes.When repeated regularly, Kerckhaert Nail Hole Solution forms a permanent barrier between the environment and healthy hoof tissue so old nail holes stay clean, until they grow out.  Disinfects old nail holes  ..
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Brand: S B S Model: 747-0001-015
Sav-A-Hoof GEL is a unique, concentrated time release formula that fights White Line Disease, Seedy Toe, Thrush, Candida Yeast, Anaerobic and Aerobic Bacteria, Mold and Fungus and it lasts for weeks. It should be used in nail holes, hoof cracks and defects, applied deep into the sulcus and u..
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Brand: Robinson Model: 3M-033
Animalintex is a highly absorbent, multilayered dressing impregnated with mild antiseptic and a poulticing agent. It is world renowned for its effectiveness and ease of use against a broad range of common equine conditions. The natural poulticing agent, Tragacanth, is activated by water and ..
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Therapy Band, SBS Therapy Band, SBS
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Brand: S B S Model: 747-0001-069
SBS Therapy Band is an effective delivery system for SBS products such as Sav-A-Hoof Spray and Toe Grow Spray. The unique matrix of fibers provide a longer contact time for the topical ingredients to wick deep into the horn capsule and into the coronary band with less waste and run-off. The ..
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